Let's Talk About What's Wrong With the Industry

Financing—we have partnerships in private equity that give you far more flexibility and with a much faster timeline than traditional financing. Investors prefer this method in today’s world and it’s not hard to see why with it being do difficult to get lending from banks today.

Office staff costs and overhead—We don’t just create office jobs to react to work that we didn’t plan for and then pass the overhead costs to you. We operate with a lean approach which means we can keep our overall costs down compared to most GCs.

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We finish our projects on time

  • We don’t borrow from one project to maintain another
  • We have enough manpower between our GC’s and affiliates that this is not an issue for BCU
  • We stick consistently to number of workers needed per project to stay on the timelines

We are transparent and don’t give lowball bids

Many companies give lowball bids and cut corners to save on money which often means change orders are coming. This means the price eventually supersedes other original bids in the first place.
This also nearly always means they don’t finish project on time which costs even more money.
When shortcutting with lowball bids it often means that companies don’t do their due diligence and miss giving you a complete estimate or at least giving contingencies.
We don’t throw out extremely cheap prices just to get the project and then change order you to make up for the profit.
We are always transparent with you and walk you through the process so you know what we are doing and why.

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Our overall costs are 5-10% less than the commercial industry average

We operate our company in a lean format. We outsource our other service needs. (Accounting, legal, admin, etc.)
Through our volume of work and our relationships our material costs are much lower than our competition.
Our connections in the Latin community allow us to use highly skilled workers in a large and affordable workforce. 

We take care of our workers

  • All of our foremen are licensed
  • All of our foremen carry insurance
  • TGC makes sure that all workers have appropriate safety gear and tools
  • We take care of performance needs while on Project


  • We aren’t free anymore and here’s why
  • We don’t do window shopping
  • This assures the customer is as serious as we are about the work
  • This actually sets us apart
  • Free estimates are no longer a differentiator and haven’t been for some time

A few of our Jobs


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